About Us

Events Logistics Worldwide Inc

Who We Are

Events Logistics was founded in 2017. Our company is focused on shows and events transport involving very tight timeframes and high complexity transportation.

We are a team of experienced staff that acquired skills and knowledge by working in the business of Operations and Logistics. We have a solution for all your transportation needs locally and around the world.

Events Logistics Worldwide Inc
Events Logistics Worldwide Inc

Events Logistics

Events Logistics sees the world in a CONNECTED way.

Energetic, transparent, determined and involved, we defy distances, limits and barriers.

We take the determination to literally follow the trucks, making sure to EXCEED EXPECTATIONS by respecting the most COMPLEX DEADLINES.

We are honest, fair, and committed, so we gain the trust of our customers and partners, guaranteeing safe and efficient delivery, as well as the PEACE OF MIND of having the best experience.

Thanks to our expertise and creativity, we see alternatives to the daily challenges of logistics and transport, ensuring that NOTHING IS TOO BIG or far away that it cannot be achieved.

Events Logistics Worldwide Inc

Our Contracts

We have contracts with airlines and shipping companies. Our carriers, competitive prices, commitment to deadlines, large network of agents abroad, are some of the differences that enable Events Logistics to employ high performance for import and export shipments of general cargo.

We are specialized in time-sensitive cargo and when we apply this know-how in general cargo, we can deliver the best possible logistics to our customers.